Cape Town Crossdressing Services

I'm your Genie and I can grant your wish to turn you into the girl you've always wanted to be

Your wish is my command

A safe place to fulfill your crossdressing dreams

Storage of any items you cannot store at home

Outfit advice

Shopping expeditions (either I can accompany you or I can shop on your behalf)

Dressmaker services.  Yes, we can make anything your heart desires

Make-up advice

Nails expertly done

Overnight and weekend stay over facilities

Accompanied outings to Trans-friendly restaurants and/or clubbing

When you are ready to return to your male world, I'll help you remove all traces of your transformation - nobody will ever know your secret

Please contact me to discuss any particular aspect or service which you may wish to explore.  I'm absolutely non-judgmental and always open to new ideas and experiences.

All services are bespoke.  POA

Please note that no services of a sexual nature are available.  

I do understand that dressing is a very sensual experience to most so please don't be embarrassed should anything rise to the occasion; it is quite natural.