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Is your husband or boyfriend a crossdresser?

Can you imagine having a secret so dark that it could destroy your life if it ever got out?  A secret that you cannot share with your loved ones for fear that you would be shunned, shamed and ridiculed.  A secret which could send your wife packing and make your family look upon you with disgust?  A secret which haunts you every day of your life? Could this be describing a murderer, a criminal, a madman? 

No, but, welcome to the world of a crossdresser.  The majority of these souls are straight, married men who have no idea why they have the need to occasionally dress like a woman.  They do not understand the urges or where they came from, but many are now accepting that its a harmless hobby which is not shameful, illegal or strange.  Women are allowed to crossdress whenever they want, so why cant men?  Is there shame in being a woman?  Absolutely not!!  

If you are in a relationship with a crossdresser and would like to share ideas or simply cry on a shoulder, drop me a line and we can talk.  Over the years I've had the privilege of listening to the life stories of many crossdressers and I think that I might be in the position to shed some light on the subject. So, while I most definitely don't have all the answers, I'm sure I'll be able to put your mind at ease.  Just keep in mind that the vast majority of crossdressers are heterosexual, married men and are very happy with that position in life .  Most crossdressers just have a feminine side which needs to be expressed - and - is that actually such a bad thing?

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